Platt Electric Supply

Preferred Teams: Open To All Teams within Platt Territory (OR, WA, CA, UT, ID, WY, MT, CO, AZ, NM, NV, ND, SD)

FRC® Teams: $500 – $6500 p/yr

Grant Application Requirements:

Student written request, including:

  • Team Marketing Plan
  • Team Business Plan
  • Team Objectives
  • Team Goals
  • Team Philosophy
  • Specific Team Spokesperson(s)

For additional information about FRC® Team grants from Platt Electric Supply, please contact:



Preferred Teams: Under Served

FRC® Teams: $500

Grant Application Requirements: Submit comprehensive, student written sponsorship request detailing business, fundraising activities and long-term sustainability plan. Include how team will consistently support a variety of positions in addition to math, science, and engineering.

For additional information, contact:



Preferred Teams: Any team with a Boeing Employee as mentor

FRC® Team: $6,500 Rookie team, $5,000 Veteran team

The Boeing company has an outstanding grant offer for all FIRST® teams. If you have a Boeing Employee as a mentor on your team, you can apply for a grant. There are a limited number grants available across the USA.

A high premium is now on Boeing employees who would like to help a team in some capacity. Could be an engineer, machinist, business, or any other employee working in any capacity on your team.

Boeing Employees should look for FIRST® @ Boeing in the Boeing Employees WIKI. If you don’t know what that is, then the Boeing Employees should contact Rhonda Beason-Jordan or Cynthia Stong. Teams should contact the FIRST® Regional Director Deb Mumm-Hill at



Deadline: Usually end of October. Details have not been announced yet.

FRC® Teams: $6,500 rookie team, $5,000 veteran team

NASA has been awarding rookie grants for many years. The following form is typically where to find information, but is often not available until the end of September. You can check back then.


NASA offers rookie grants to a limited number of teams. These are becoming difficult to get, but rookie teams should still apply in the event Washington State grants become in short supply.


Additional Grants and Funding

FRC® Teams should contact local chapters of ASME, SME, and ASEE for additional funding options.